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In the highly anticipated conclusion of The Elias Chronicles Elias faces off against shadowy forces.



Lost and alone, Elias must face powerful dark forces as he embarks on a thrilling journey through the mysterious landscape of the Isle of Eahta. Like it or not, Elias is being called by his friend Zoltan, a powerful sorcerer, to keep the Elixir of Life safe from those who seek to use it for evil. Call or no call, Elias knows it is his choice. 


Along his journey, he uncovers true courage, inner strength, and the magic we all may find in our friendships, family, and deep inside as he faces off against shadowy forces. As the stakes are raised, Elias learns of the true value of the Elixir and what it means to the world, but with little warning, he also learns something so personal that it is sure to transform his life forever.


The Elixir: Journey On contains captivating characters, enchanting creatures, and powerful magic. Join Elias on this daring adventure today and uncover the powers that lay within.


Mystical Forces Draw Elias to the Under World...


Forces draw Elias to the Under World in a desperate attempt to save his friend and sorcerer, Zoltan.


With no other choice, he embarks on a quest to return the Ring of the Right Hand to its rightful owner. Along the way, with the guidance of a mystic, Tas, Elias discovers the powers hidden deep within him giving him the courage to come face-to-face with the Conveyor of All Evil, Ordak. 


In The Rings: Journey Beneath Sirok, E. G. Kardos weaves an epic fantasy adventure that will take readers of all ages on an unforgettable journey. Elias must confront his fears and strengths as he travels through a mysterious portal to a parallel world, filled with both wonder and peril. As he ventures further into the unknown, this thrilling novel follows Elias on an odyssey of self-discovery. 


Will Elias be able to save Zoltan and return the Ring of the Right Hand to its rightful owner? Read The Rings: Journey Beneath Sirok to find out! Experience an action-packed fantasy adventure full of surprises and suspense.



"...Elias is a character we can all connect with, as he has a good soul and always strives to do right... things like choosing kindness and good over evil...the storyline is a bit unpredictable, which is a welcome relief from a lot of fantasy writing out there right now...I would recommend this book to people who like fantasy stories with lots of fun characters and cool settings..."


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Where the adventure all began...



…only a three-headed dragon stands in his way. Elias’ only chance to find his answer is through the serpent.


Mystery, marvel, and magic take Elias on a journey of self-discovery. A boy on the verge of adulthood, Elias is forced to make a difficult decision, but he must go on a journey to find his answers. His grandmother prepares him for his quest that will take him from a poor Hungarian village into a supernatural world where he faces powers and mystical beings. There he must find Zoltan, a sorcerer, who can help him make sense of the omens along the path—like a three-headed shape-shifting dragon that plagues him at every move. Is this path a way to his heart—a way to his dream—the way to truth?



“... Swords, shape-shifters, and sorcerers all confront Elias as he seeks an answer to the most compelling question of all: who am I?” Dr. Leila Christenbury, Past President of the National Council of Teachers of English, former co-editor of the Assembly on Literature for Adolescents Review.


“...engaging, with a story that keeps you reading...full of creative and enthralling symbolism... I found myself getting lost in it... I did fall in love with the story.” 

This Kid Reviews Books

“E.G. Kardos is a soul searcher. He writes from the head and heart, finding true meaning in the vagaries of life.” 

Dean King, bestselling author of Skeletons on the Zahara

“... fantasy-lovers of sword and sorcery will not be disappointed-but it is at its heart a very human story.” 

C.S. Marks, author of the Elfhunter Trilogy

“Elias’s quest is our quest, his journey our journey.”  

Roy Dimond, author of I, Bully


“... a journey in which Elias meets many and varied characters. His own story is linked to the tales of Nattymama that weave into his own adventures. Quick, short prose with a likable main character will make the reading journey pleasurable...”  

David Ward, author of The Grassland Trilogy


“As a huge fan of The Alchemist and mysticism, I found The Amulet to be just the antidote for my longing to experience another mystical journey...” 

Dr. Richard Cowling, Editor, Journal of Holistic Nursing


“In the spirit of C.S. Lewis, the fantasy is never about the fantastical; it’s about deeply human and moral concerns: identity, voice, virtue, family, and conflict. A joyous, satisfying, life-affirming read!” 

Dr. William R. Muth, Editorial Advisory Board: Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy



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