Stepping into worlds for which I am the first to see, and meeting those who live there, is a joy unlike anything else I’ve experienced. As a writer, I attempt to share this joy with an invitation to others. Thanks to those who have accepted the invitation. 


Why do I write? I am drawn to shining a light on the human condition...without judgment, light pierces the darkness and is freeing. It allows us to explore what it is to be humanCutting of Harp Strings: a novel, my latest book, is all about living your truth. My fantasy series, The Elias Chronicles, asks the question we all think about, and that is - who am I? There is more to come.


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AMAZON#1 New Release  in Teen & Young Adult Literature Fiction- January 7, 2022



Chasing a dream is impossible if it isn't your life is empty if it isn't your life.



Eli tells the story of this teenage self when one person upends his plan and his life is destined to change.



Eternally eager to please, Eli follows a comfortable and preordained path but is unaware of the pounding message ingrained in his head that says success, happiness, and love follow a narrow path.


Polar opposite, he and Aiden are paired as roommates during their senior year in boarding school. They clash not fully aware of their true selves, yet their friendship unfolds in ways neither had ever before experienced. Caught off guard, their relationship deepens but like a gut punch, a promise Aiden made to himself changes everything. 


Years later, fraught with regret, denial, and his restless spirit, Eli treks to the secret location that he and Aiden once shared to search for his peace. Will he find his answers? 


A poignant coming-of-age story of friendship, living in the moment, and love is a poetic mosaic of joy, heartbreak, self-reflection but most of all, utter bliss.


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".. a compelling and engagingly written story of friendship, the word used to describe a long, slow process of enlightenment as well as a term applicable to the process of healing and learning to make sense of life. Spanning twenty-five years, and centered around a secluded spot of inspiration, Cutting of Harp Strings is a strongly recommended and emotionally moving saga."
— James A. Cox, editor-in-chief, Midwest Book Review.  
  "In Cutting of Harp Strings, E.G. Kardos continues to show a creative imagination, a wicked sense of humor and a depth of characterization.
— Jay Strafford, retired books editor, Richmond Times-Dispatch.

"... one of the most powerful stories of friendship I've read in a while. The interchanges between Eli and Gabe remind me of the relationship between the main characters in my book Floating Twigs... Cutting of Harp Strings is a poignant reminder of the true meaning of friendship and how the search for ourselves is never-ending. Read it; you won't regret it."       
— Charles Tabb, author, 
Floating Twigs

"If you enjoy a read that makes you think, really think, about the important questions of one's life, this story is for you. An inward journey set in a very real world. Great characters that evolve, but never in a straight line, like life itself, their journey meanders with twists and turns, surprises and disappointments. If you are looking for a book that when you put it down you sit quietly and ponder, then give this book a try."
— Roy Dimond, author, 
Silence and Circumstance






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