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I am a fiction writer and the author of four books. My writing is based on the beauty that surrounds all of us - both in nature and in each other. Spirituality, friendship, love, and our connection to the universe inspire me to write. This is especially true when I set out to write Cutting of Harp Strings: a novel. 


I grew up loving fantasy and couldn't get enough of it whether that be in books, movies, or in play. Art, too, was so important to me-- all kinds of art from drawing, painting, or building something. I built some pretty awesome treehouses and forts in the woods.


I am an avid “student” of Joseph Campbell and have read and studied the many books Campbell wrote. It fascinates me that the “hero’s journey” is so embedded in all cultures for thousands of years. THE ELIAS CHRONICLES are true to form of Campbell’s hero’s journey, as I explore what’s most important in our lives today with the mythology and magic that are the fabric of who we are as a people. I hope you enjoy The Amulet: Journey to Sirok (Book I) and The Rings: Journey Beneath Sirok (Book II). Book III is on its way (Summer 2023). 


Always feel free to connect with me through my "Contact" page and, if you are so inclined, please leave a review for any of my books on Amazon.



E.G. Kardos


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