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 I hope you enjoy reading THE AMULET: Journey to Sirok as much as I did writing this adventure. Readers tell me that this story is ageless and learning this, I am very honored to my core.


This is a story of a boy, named Elias, and his dog that go on a magical quest searching for a sorcerer to reveal cludes to his search.


It is a hero's journey in which the only way Elias may seize his treasure is to defeat the three-headed dragon. Does he succeed? Who is this dragon? What is "his" treasure? Why a shape shifting three-headed dragon? Can this really happen? Has it happened to you? What does the amulet really mean?


Set in a sliver of time in-between today and yesterday--or perhaps tomorrow, Elias takes the reader with him to discover something we all treasure.


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Dear Mr. Kardos,


…I like the book because it is mysterious and it inspires me to believe in myself on anything I can do. In the book, Elias defeated the Sarkany by believing in himself that he could do anything.                                                             



Thank you for writing this book…I like that it is going to teach a life lesson about how to get strong. I am in the 6th grade, and I like to be outside like Elias.                                                                         Devon


I enjoyed the book very much because it had lots of action and adventure, and I love adventure! …I was kept in suspense because Elias kept meeting Sarkanys, evil creatures of the forest. I would recommend this book to a friend because it really hooks you to go on this adventure with the characters.






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5.0 out of 5 stars     Great Read for Book Groups and Students - An Awesome Journey for Everyone!

By   Catherine Dougherty, author    

on September 20, 2017

The Amulet: Journey to Sirok is engaging from beginning to end. I visualized the characters as I read along--they all became so real to me. It is well written, entertaining and truly inspiring.


By following Elias as he journeys through a supernatural world and has to battle powers and mystical beings, this delightful story shares important truths, in an entertaining way, on discovering one's own self and purpose in life.

What a great read for teenagers, as well as adults. It would be an ideal gift for a graduate beginning their career path, a child that feels defeated or bullied, or for anyone wanting to follow their bliss.


I have read many books and have enjoyed many, but sometimes one stands out among the rest. This is one of those books!


I can't wait to read Book 2 when it becomes available or anything else by this author. I'll be watching for his next release!


4.0 out of 5 stars     A great departure from the same old story

By Jim Sinclair  on   

September 16, 2017

I am an avid fantasy reader ever since I first read Tolkien's LOTR and Hobbit when i was about 12. Since then I have gone through many series of books. Some were much better than others. And I have also watched as a formulaic sort of plot line has developed within the genre. Mr. Kardos takes a very different tack here and I am very appreciative of his going outside the "box".


Using secondary characters and situations the main character must confront the challenges of his quest but also must come to realizations about himself. This is an unusual feature in a modern fantasy work, as when I was discovering the main characters various foibles and strengths it also had the added bonus of making me think, not only about the book but about myself. I have used fantasy as a form of entertainment, this however gave me both entertainment and a bit of self reflection.


Highly recommend and looking forward to the next installment!

 5.0 out of 5 stars     A Personal Journey


By Amazon Customer    

on August 7, 2017

 I don't normally read "fantasy", however, The Amulet has changed my mind. I found myself traveling alongside Elias and experiencing each and every adventure in his journey. Everyone should be more like Elias. To believe in yourself enough and have the courage to leave behind your safe and familiar surrounds to realize your dreams. I am looking forward to reading about Elias's next journey.




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